Friday, December 25, 2015

A new online quiz-game platform

Which online quiz-game platform do you use with your students?

Kahoot is very popular, and recently I've been experimenting with quizizz.  Both are easy to use and engaging for students.

But I just recently learned of a new platform called Triventy.
I've been giving Triventy a test-drive over the break and have been favorably impressed.  Creating a game is easy, the template for writing questions is straight-forward, you can add images to your questions, it has sound effects as you play, you can limit the time to answer each question, and it's easy to share your activities with your students.  And did I mention that it's free?

My friend and teaching colleague George Coe (Twitter: @ggcoe) also adds that teachers can invite others (like our students) to write questions for a game.  Great idea to increase student engagement.

How new is Triventy?  As of this writing they have just 15 followers on Twitter.  It's so new that there are no video tutorials yet.  But here's a link to Triventry's very easy-to-read printed instructions.

I'm sure that Triventy's Twitter followers will grow and that more help materials will become available soon.  You can follow Triventry on Twitter: @Triventy

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  1. Hi, Addy from Triventy here. Thanks for the great write-up!

    May I add one more thing: a key feature of our platform is the ability to create collaborative games. That is, teachers can invite students to add questions to their games. (typically, as a homework assignment before running the game in class). This creates a comprehensive learning experience – the students are both ‘players’ and ‘tutors’ who share their knowledge with the rest of the class.

    You can view a short video of this work at:

    Please stay tuned for more upcoming features – as the ability to run games straight from a smartphone (with no need for computer in class), auto question timer, additional question formats, as you wrote, better way to save the full game results. (We’re hard at work here!)