Thursday, August 31, 2017

Naked Money

I know that many economics teachers, including myself, use Charles Wheelan's Naked Economics as a supplementary reading in our introductory courses. He has a new book out, Naked Money that is a great book about monetary policy and the Federal Reserve. I am using it in my AP macroeconomics class. If you are new to teaching economics and want to learn about what money is, monetary policy, and the workings of the Federal Reserve, this is a great and understandable read, if you have been teaching economics for awhile and want to go deeper into why we do not have a gold standard anymore and the history of monetary policy in the United States, as well as FOREX markets, this book provides many thought provoking ideas.  Either way, it is worth picking up.

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Core Concept Cards

If you have not seen them yet, both the St. Louis Federal Reserve and the Kansas City Federal Reserve Banks offer wonderful teaching resources. I have blogged before about the website, Econlowdown, which is run out of the St. Louis Fed, and offers a wide range of online modules for high school students. This resource out of the Kansas City Federal Reserve, is great to use with middle school and high school students. These concept cards work great for test review, and can even be customized.

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Future Trends Forum with Special Guest Jeff Selingo

Welcome back! For many of us, we return to the classroom in the next few weeks. I will try and update the blog at least once a week on Mondays. Some weeks I will have more to post so I will post twice that week. My first post this school year deals with a newsletter/blog that posts free forums each week. The forums are interesting and have to do with trends in education. This week's forum is about future trends in higher education. This is a great topic for those who teach students at any age since it will affect each student that decides to carry on his/her education. You can RSVP here.

For those who start back this week, or already have, I wish you the best this school year. For those who start back later this month, or after Labor Day, be safe and enjoy the rest of your break.