Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Econ Lowdown

I am not sure how many of you use econlowdown (, but for those who do not, it is a wonderful site to assess your student’s command of any number of micro/macro subjects. These range from supply and demand to inflation and unemployment. I use this site in both my AP micro/macro classes, as well as in my college preparatory economics classes. This site is great for flipped, and/or one-to-one classrooms, as they allow students to advance at their own pace. The classes are easy to setup and all grades can be exported into a CSV file.

In addition to all of the course, there is also an option for professional development. Once students are enrolled, you preview the course, and there is a post test taken, you can receive professional development through the St. Louis Federal Reserve. It is a great option if your school district accepts such credits and it has no monetary cost to you.

These lessons are great to use for snow days or other “lost” days that you can recapture throughout the year. Though some of the lessons can come off a little cheesy, they still contain a great deal of very good information.

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