Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Freakonomics PodCast

I am always looking for ways to make economics more interesting. Though the search is never a difficult one, I also like challenging the students to think as well. Hence, we do a bunch with Freakonomics in my class. We read the book Think Like a Freak and watch part of the Freakonomics documentary. As part of my classes I have them listen to Freakonomics Radio, and do a write-up. I pick what podcast they must listen to and we talk about it in class. Most of the time the subject in the podcast has something to do with what we are learning. I have left an example of an assignment below.

Each week you will be asked to listen to a Podcast from Freakonomics Radio. In week four we will look at the old saying, "Diamonds are a girl's best friend." Are they? Boys do you know how much you are supposed to spend on an engagement ring? 
Please write a 500 word response. What did you like? What did you agree/disagree with? What did you find interesting? What do you still have questions about?

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