Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Changing the Definition of GDP

Two months ago I read a great book titled Leading Indicators which looked at, among other things, why we started GDP in the 1930s and why it has become very outdated.   To that end the author, Zachary Karabell put his thesis right here in this great summary article. in Foreign Affiairs.  It is very interesting as it looks at an iPhone which counts as a $200 trade deficit between the US and China, but 

"More than a dozen companies from at least five countries supply parts for them. Infineon Technologies, in Germany, makes the wireless chip; Toshiba, in Japan, manufactures the touchscreen; and Broadcom, in the United States, makes the Bluetooth chips that let the devices connect to wireless headsets or keyboards."

Thus Karabell argues that we should use big data to re-figure GDP.  It is an intriguing thought and an interesting thought. 

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