Wednesday, August 13, 2014


Moblab is a free website that has a number of educational games including Economics. I have never used Moblab, but what I found intriguing is that the games can be played on a computer or on an app on the students' mobile phones. I am not always able to get a computer lab for when I want, but almost all of my students have smart phones. There were a few games that jumped out at me that seemed relevant to AP Economics. I have copied images of the games and their descriptions below. If you have any experience using Moblab please let me know the positives and negatives in the comments section! Thanks so much!

This game looks interesting to explain the Prisoner's Dilemma and Nash Equilibrium.

This look it has potential to explain public goods and free riders.
This could be used when teaching Market Structures.

This could be used to help explain the Tragedy of the Commons, although you could also use the Tragedy of the Bunnies.

I guess I might use this game on Bank Runs if the game is quick. I could see using this in US History as well.

So I will probably try to use these this year. If you have used them in the past please let me know what you think or what you know about the games.


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  1. Rich, thank you for the mention! If there is anything my team can help with the adoption, please let us know. --Walter