Monday, August 18, 2014

The Complete AP Micro and Macro Course

Andrew Foos is a tremendous resource in my county.  He has put all of his "stuff" on one sheet which I have here.  You will see he has a flipped video for each day as well as the PowerPoint he used and then a problem set.  If you are starting an AP Macro/Micro course, you have now found the motherlode! Honestly if you use some of the other resources I have already blogged about such as the formulas cheat sheet, you could almost do this course without a textbook by just using Foos' stuff.

One note is that he uses Krugman's college text which is why his videos won't match your AP Krugman or Mankiw.  Either way it all goes in order so you can still easily use it.  Above is his first micro flipped video.  

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