Friday, September 5, 2014

538 Blog for Making Econ Relevant to Your Students

First off thanks to the people who are starting to come more and more to this blog which now has over 100 posts which can be searched using the search engine in the upper left hand corner.  One the goals I have for my micro/macro students is to try to find some real relevance in the material.  Since we just started the year and will be doing supply and demand next week, I thought I would check one of my favorite economics' sites, the 538 blog which started from a purely political blog (which it still is) and has branched out to much more.

As an example, here is an article looking at computers diagnosing illnesses and what that might do to the number of medical professionals we need.  So after reading the very short (they all are which makes them nice to use to make a quick point), I will have the kids diagram the short and long term impact of such a possibility.  

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