Thursday, June 18, 2015

An Entire AP Economics' Course - For Free

Andrew Foos has been an invaluable help to me in teaching AP Economics (both for micro and macro).  Well he just gave me permission to release his entire set of videos, problem sets and their answers which you can find here.   Since 2/3rds of both AP exams are from the multiple choice,  each problem set begins there.  You will then see that Andrew has not only given the answers, but has linked video responses showing how to complete the answers.

I use many of Andrew's videos plus others that I have highlighted on this blog.  A typical day in my class starts

  • the night before our class then the students typically watch a 10-12 minute video and take notes on it.  
  • But before starting class I answer any questions from the previous day's questions. 
  • This is followed by a quiz where I let the students use their notes (which they must complete to take the quiz) and then grade only their answers (as opposed to the notes).  
  • Then we go over questions on the video that go more in depth than my quiz questions.
  • Finally we work on our daily problem set.  I actually have the answers sitting in the room and move around answering questions.  The kids are expected to grade their own answers and put the correct answers on each set - asking me in class or the next day for help with troubling problems.  
  • With 50% of the grade coming from FRQs and multiple choice tests, the kids really need to make sure they understand the daily questions.  Since we use the flipped method, I am able to provide lots of individual attention to the students.  

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