Friday, June 12, 2015

Become An AP Grader

This week I am in Salt Lake City grading AP Comparative exams.  In the past I have also graded AP US History and AP US Government.  Honestly the sound of grading a bunch of exams every day doesn't seem to excite lots of people, but every single  (and there have been a lot) person I have convinced to be an AP grader has loved the experience.

  • First off you really get to understand how to write the free response questions so you can teach your students to do the same. 
  • Secondly you meet a number of outstanding teachers who, in my case, have become a network that I consult year round.
  • You also might also end up being asked to work for the College Board in other ways (writing AP questions, creating a syllabus, teaching summer institutes, etc.
So if you are interested in applying, my advice is to get your application in during the early fall and you should hear in late January or early February.  Good luck.  

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