Wednesday, February 17, 2016

FreedomTrust High School Program

This is a great program put on by two friends of mine, James Harrigan, PhD and Antony Davis, PhD. The FreedomTrust high school program is designed to give honors-level high school students a taste of college-level economics and philosophy. The program, designed for between 30 and 100 students, is comprised of four one-hour sections of lectures, economic experiments, and discussion.

Each of these segments, including time for Q&A, is roughly one hour long. We conclude the program with an open Q&A session.

These gentlemen will travel to your school and put on anywhere from a full day to multiple day seminars. They are wonderful and it has been memorable days for my students. Maybe this is something to consider if you have your students after the AP tests.

Contact James Harrigan if you are interested:

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