Sunday, August 30, 2015

ACDC Economics and Ideas for Flipping An Economics Class

I am a big fan of Jacob Clifford.  His new series with Crash Course is getting a lot of views, but it is not as useful to your teaching as his ACDC videos are.  If you are looking to use his flipped class resources,  here are his micro and macro videos.  

If you are a new economics teacher, there is no right or wrong way to teach the course.  For what it is worth, I start with micro and then go to macro and assume that in the second half of the year I do not need to go over production possibilities curve (see above), comparative/absolute advantage, demand, supply and equilibrium again.

If you do flip, I'd suggest having your kids take notes and sharing them (you can do this with Google Drive even if your school district doesn't have Google Apps for Education as most, if not all of your students have a free Gmail account).   I then give them a 5 question quiz at the beginning of class. The quiz goes at the top of their notes (which they are allowed to use) and then I only count the quiz and not the notes (which allows students to take notes in a way that helps them and avoids having to worry about homework grades). 

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