Thursday, August 6, 2015

HR&R Budget Challenges

HR&R has many ways that students can learn finances on their site.  First off they have a classroom budget challenge. Each student gets pay, a bank account, 401K and bills (of course!).  The idea is to show each student how difficult it is to keep a job.  To make sure students are learning there are also quiz questions.  As an added incentive there are real cash prizes ($3 million in all) that students and schools can win.

We use simulations with my economics and finance and have found tremendous success with this approach as it really lets the students see their learning in action as opposed to just seeing videos or discussing it in class.  HR&R is free, in an enclosed protected setting and should be a real help to your students.  Here are some lesson plans put together by HR&R.

Look at the video above for more insights into it. 

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