Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Propose an AP Economic Class

I love teaching my AP Micro/Macro- economics class. It is my favorite class to teach and I always get students that major in economics because of it. I did not major in economics and had only taken a few courses in the subject before my first teaching assignment. It was because of books like: Freakonomics, Naked Economics, and New Ideas from Dead Economists, that I found a love for the subject. When I took a job at a new school, I proposed an AP economics course. It was the best career move I had ever made, mainly because of the subject. It keeps me interested and I get to meet some of the brightest students I have ever known. The teacher's guide from college board can be found here. I will post more materials to help get you started. In addition, there is a Facebook community of AP Economic Teachers that is wonderful.

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