Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Quizlet Live

I discovered the join of using Quizlet Live in my AP Government class. We were doing this while reviewing court cases. I think this can be used in any economics course. I tell students that economists have created a new language that only they can understand, so that they can continue to have jobs. The most difficult thing about economics is forgetting definitions of words you thought you knew and learning new ones, like aggerate, marginal, etc. Quizlet Live is a fun way to review terms. Other benefits include: 
1. Students are already familiar with it 
2. They can use a phone, iPad, or laptop
3. They must work as a team to complete the questions
4. You can use what others have created 

This took my students a question or two to get used to, but once they did, they had a blast. 

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