Sunday, May 18, 2014

Naked Economics Summer Assignment

Right now I am reading The Leading Indicators which looks at the way economics has grown as a quantitative science in the last sixty years.  It is really fascinating to think we had almost no information of substance to war us going into the Great Depression and now have to continually redefine the CPI to consider new innovations and ways of doing business.

But since a lot of people give Naked Economics for a summer assignment, I thought I would post the top three ways teachers are using it and the questions they ask their students to answer when reading it.  This is the best one as it breaks it down by subject and covers many of the important topics that will be discussed during the year.  This one breaks it down into questions by chapters. This one simply has thirty questions (not as well done as the previous two links), but I like the part because it mentions Marketplace and other places where students can listen to podcasts. 


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