Thursday, May 1, 2014

Putting Stories Behind the Teaching of Economics

While the study of economics can be fascinating in of itself, it is always helpful to connect the learning to the real world that the students might better understand.  

"Mr. Clifford" has a great series of videos as well as 150 multiple choice questions you could use to study for AP Micro and Macroeconomics on both iTunes and Google Play.  The videos are particularly fun in that they explain economics using popular movies.   Above is a great video that connects the movie Cars to introduce the idea of GDP, the business cycle, recession, and fiscal policy. 

The AC/DC site also has 30 videos on learning micro and macroeconomics that you could use for your classes. 

While we are at it, here is an interesting site that sees an uptick at people going to an adultery dating site (who knew that it existed) which shows that in bad times and states that are hurting their memberships goes up! 

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