Friday, May 9, 2014

Summer Assignment for Econ Students?

Today I was part of an e-mail discussion about summer reading/projects for AP students.  One of the books that was mentioned was a 2002 (and updated in 2010) Naked Economics which uses more layman terms to explain the basic principles of economics.

Another choice - and I would love feedback if anyone has read it comes from a new Stanford Press (and not it is written purposely on a level that is easily understood by high schoolers).  The book is Homer Economicus which uses Homer Simpson's world as a back drop for the study of economics.  Thus it seems a lot like Naked Economics except it is written by a collection of authors.

My take is that you will probably find Naked Economics more fun to read and your students will feel the same about Homer Economicus.

One of the authors is Jodi Beggs whose Twitter feed I follow as she has a lot of great videos, a webpage and insightful ways to teach economics.   

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